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REDUCED Bags €6 Million to Further its Sustainable Food Production

Courtesy of REDUCED
Courtesy of REDUCED

Copenhagen-based REDUCED has emerged as a trailblazer in sustainable food production. It leverages fermentation technology to transform food and agriculture side streams into natural food ingredients. Recently, the company secured €6 million in funding, underscoring its commitment to revolutionizing the culinary landscape while championing environmental stewardship.

This investment, led by a diverse array of backers, including Novo Holdings, Einar Willumsen, Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO), and Rockstar Agrifood, reaffirms REDUCED's position as an interesting player in the food tech sector. With a focus on impactful innovation and sustainable practices, REDUCED stands poised to redefine the future of food production.

At the helm of REDUCED are co-founders William Anton Lauf Olsen and Emil Munck de Voss, visionaries who envision a world where gastronomic excellence and ecological responsibility converge. Through their proprietary fermentation processes, REDUCED extracts "unique" umami flavors from food and agriculture side streams, all while minimizing costs and reducing CO2 emissions.

The company's product offerings span a diverse range, including organic chicken stock concentrates sourced from retired laying hens and vegetable stock concentrates derived from produce deemed unsuitable for conventional retail due to cosmetic imperfections. Additionally, REDUCED produces fermented umami sauces that elevate the flavor profiles of culinary creations, catering to the discerning palates of chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

With over 100 food service businesses already onboard as clients, REDUCED has established itself as a trusted partner in the culinary world. Collaborating with top food ingredient suppliers, the company distributes its innovative products to manufacturers, further expanding its reach and impact across the food industry.

The cash infusion will catalyze REDUCED's growth trajectory, empowering the company to enhance its technology platform, diversify its product range, bolster production capabilities, and fortify its sales and marketing initiatives. Co-founder Emil Munck de Voss remarks, "This investment will be transformative for the company as we expand our product offerings and amplify our impact on the food industry."

Among REDUCED's esteemed investors is Novo Holdings, a cornerstone of the life sciences industry committed to driving sustainable, long-term growth while advancing public health. With its vast investment portfolio and strategic vision, Novo Holdings provides invaluable support to REDUCED's mission of sustainability and innovation.

Einar Willumsen, renowned for its expertise in flavor solutions, brings over a century of experience to the table, further enriching REDUCED's flavor creation and application capabilities. Meanwhile, Rockstart Agrifood, an early-stage investor with a penchant for purpose-driven ventures, underscores its commitment to REDUCED's vision of sustainability and culinary excellence.

REDUCED stands as a beacon of innovation in an era marked by growing awareness of environmental sustainability and ethical consumption, proving that gastronomic delight and ecological responsibility are not mutually exclusive. With its unwavering dedication to pioneering healthier and more sustainable food ingredients, REDUCED charts a course towards a future where flavor and sustainability converge harmoniously on every plate.


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