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Sophie's BioNutrients and DTI Collaborate to Create Nutrient-Rich Chlorella-Based Ice Cream

Sophie's BioNutrients, a leading B2B food tech company, has partnered with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) to develop an innovative chlorella-based ice cream. This vegan ice cream, made with Sophie's dairy-free Chlorella Protein Concentrate, offers a complete nutritional profile, boasting higher levels of B12 and iron compared to most dairy and plant-based alternatives. Sophie's Chlorella Protein is derived from naturally cultivated Chlorella vulgaris, a neutral-hued microalgae flour. The strains of Chlorella vulgaris used by Sophie's are recognized as safe food ingredients by both the US GRAS and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

In collaboration with DTI's technical experts, the Sophie's team conducted an initial screening of the chlorella ingredient to assess its potential. They then combined it with functional ingredients to replicate the natural texture of ice cream. The final product can be used to create a variety of popular ice cream flavors.

According to Sophie's, consuming just a 1 oz serving of chlorella ice cream has the potential to provide double the recommended daily intake of Vitamin B12. Additionally, chlorella is a good source of iron, a nutrient not found in cow's milk. Furthermore, the cultivation and harvest of chlorella have a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to dairy farming, making it a more sustainable choice.

Eugene Wang, Co-Founder and CEO of Sophie's BioNutrients, highlighted the nutritional benefits of microalgae, describing it as one of the most nutrient-rich and versatile resources available. Wang expressed excitement about the development of a dairy and lactose-free alternative to ice cream that surpasses the nutrition content of most existing dairy-free options, thanks to the inclusion of microalgae. He emphasized the potential for more inclusive dining experiences and advancements in allergen-free foods.

Sophie's BioNutrients, based in Singapore, specializes in microalgae innovations. Their previous breakthroughs include the creation of the world's first algae-based milk and cheddar cheese.

Anne Louise Dannesboe Nielsen, Director of Food Technology at the Danish Technological Institute, expressed enthusiasm for microalgae's future potential, describing it as a sustainable ingredient with numerous applications in the food industry. Nielsen emphasized DTI's commitment to further exploring and understanding the possibilities offered by microalgae.

The collaboration between Sophie's BioNutrients and DTI represents a significant step forward in creating nutrient-rich, sustainable food alternatives. As the demand for allergen-free and plant-based options continues to grow, innovations like chlorella-based ice cream offer exciting possibilities for the future of food.


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