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TurtleTree Announces Strategic Partnership with Strive to Innovate Functional Beverages

Courtesy of TurtleTree
Courtesy of TurtleTree

TurtleTree, a leader in sustainable nutrition, has announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Strive, a company dedicated to providing sustainable, protein-enriched beverages that are not only better tasting but also more nutritious and environmentally friendly. This partnership aims to expand Strive’s product lineup, incorporating TurtleTree’s innovative lactoferrin (LF+), the world’s first animal-free lactoferrin, into new products.

Strive, known for its successful launch of FREEMILK—a true milk alternative made with fermentation-derived protein—plans to diversify its offerings with an immunity support beverage for adult nutrition and a ready-to-mix protein powder. Both new products will feature TurtleTree’s LF+. This ingredient is significant as more than 83% of U.S. consumers now incorporate functional beverages into their self-care routines, reflecting a surge in the prioritization of mental and physical wellness. The functional beverage market, valued at $200 billion with a 7.49% CAGR, underscores the growing demand for such innovative products.

TurtleTree and Strive are committed to providing adults with functional ingredients that address health concerns and enhance overall wellness. The new immunity support beverage will offer the unique benefits of lactoferrin, such as supporting gut health, regulating iron levels, and bolstering immune function. This beverage, packaged in an 8 oz carton, will contain 12-15 grams of fermentation-derived whey protein, 250 mg of LF+, and a blend of 23 essential vitamins and minerals, tailored to aging adults.

Fengru Lin, CEO of TurtleTree, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "We are very excited about Strive's ambitions and goals. We love that they are targeting an industry and segment of the population that is growing globally and ripe for innovation. We look forward to supporting Strive with our lactoferrin to continue providing their target audience with more functional food products to support longevity."

Dennis Cohlmia, CEO of Strive, highlighted the extensive health benefits of bovine lactoferrin and colostrum, which are becoming increasingly recognized by the public. “Now, we can offer an animal-free lactoferrin with prebiotics, made through precision fermentation, vegan-certified, and cruelty-free,” said Cohlmia. “We’ve known the TurtleTree team for several years and have closely collaborated with them on the development of LF+. They are the only company with a commercial product that meets FDA Self-GRAS standards.”

TurtleTree’s LF+ represents a groundbreaking advancement in the industry, offering a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional lactoferrin. This year, TurtleTree has achieved significant milestones, including receiving its vegan certification from Vegan Action, securing its first commercialization partnership, and being recognized in Fast Company's 2024 World Changing Ideas.

Through this partnership, TurtleTree and Strive aim to set new standards in the functional beverage industry, offering innovative solutions that cater to the growing consumer demand for nutritious, sustainable, and ethical products.


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