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Uganda's Fiber Foods: Pioneering a Plant-Based Future with Recent Funding

Uganda's Fiber Foods, a trailblazer in plant-based meat alternatives, has recently secured a significant investment from FoodSparks by PeakBridge and EIT Food. This investment is a monumental step for the company and the plant-based food industry at large. But why does this matter, and what does Fiber Foods plan to do with this funding?

Why This Investment Matters

Fiber Foods, co-founded by Inez van Oord and Ineke Aquarius in 2020, stands out for its innovative approach to sustainable food production. Their key product, PrimeJack, utilizes dehydrated jackfruit to create a meat alternative that is not only high in fiber and low in calories but also closely resembles the texture of real meat. This investment acknowledges the growing global demand for sustainable and healthy food options, especially those that can support and transform local economies in developing countries like Uganda.

The Impact of the Investment

The infusion of funds from FoodSparks is set to catalyze Fiber Foods' growth and expansion. Here's what they plan to do:

  1. Scaling Production: Increasing the production of PrimeJack to meet the rising demand in both local and international markets.

  2. Expanding Reach: With their expansion into the Netherlands in 2021, the funding will further assist in introducing PrimeJack to a broader European market.

  3. Sustainable Development: Continuing their commitment to creating economic, social, and environmental value, the investment will aid in strengthening their sustainable and ethical supply chain.

  4. Empowering Local Communities: A significant portion of the investment will be channeled towards enhancing the livelihoods of local East African farmers, especially women, by providing fair wages and supporting gender-friendly business practices.

What is PrimeJack?

PrimeJack, the flagship product of Fiber Foods, is an innovative meat alternative made from young jackfruit. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of dishes, offering a texture and flavor similar to meat. Beyond its culinary appeal, PrimeJack represents a step forward in environmental sustainability, requiring fewer resources and emitting less greenhouse gas compared to traditional meat production.


Fiber Foods' recent funding is more than just a financial boost; it's a recognition of the potential impact plant-based foods can have on our global food system, environment, and local communities. As Fiber Foods grows, it not only contributes to the changing landscape of food consumption but also supports sustainable and ethical agricultural practices in Uganda.


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