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Berlin-Based Lanch Raises €6.5 Million to Revolutionize Food Delivery Through Creator Partnerships

Lanch Aims to 'Make Food Delivery Fun Again' by Merging Food Brands with Popular Creators

Berlin-based food delivery software startup Lanch has successfully closed a €6.5 million funding round. The investment comes from Felix Capital, HV Capital, and angel investors from a previous round, including soccer stars Mario Götze and André Schürrle. The new capital aims to help Lanch scale its unique software tools designed to rejuvenate the food delivery experience.

A New Take on Food Delivery

Lanch offers a platform that connects food brands with popular creators, aiming to 'make food delivery fun again.' The startup provides the necessary tools for creators and companies to collaborate and deliver a more engaging and enjoyable food delivery experience to consumers.

Frederic Court, Founder and Investor at Felix Capital, expressed enthusiasm about the startup's innovative approach: “Over time, we have built increasing conviction on the superpowers that creators have in today's digitized world. Lanch is not just about great food; it's about delivering a powerful experience for both consumers and creators. We're thrilled to be part of their journey to reshape the way we experience food in a modern way.”

Collaborative Projects and Brand Partnerships

One of Lanch's most recent collaborations involves a partnership with German rapper Luciano for the launch of a new food brand, Loco Chicken. Such partnerships exemplify how Lanch leverages the reach and influence of creators to build substantial food brands.

David Kuczek, General Partner at HV Capital, shared his insights on the startup's progress: “When first investing in Lanch, we loved the vision of building new substantial food brands for creators with massive reach. One year down the road, our expectations on growth, quality of food, and brand recognition were heavily exceeded.”

A Vision Realized

According to a TechCrunch article, Lanch has been gaining traction for its unique approach to food delivery. The startup's successful pivot to a creator-focused model has caught the industry's attention, setting it apart from traditional food delivery services.


Lanch's recent funding round marks a significant milestone in its mission to revolutionize the food delivery industry. By focusing on community and creator partnerships, the startup is poised to bring a fresh, engaging experience to consumers while providing creators with new avenues for brand building and revenue generation. With strong backing and a proven track record, Lanch is well-positioned to redefine how we think about food delivery.


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