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Biodel AG Secures Series A Funding to Advance Regenerative Agriculture Technologies

Biodel AG, a leader in the field of regenerative agriculture, has successfully closed its Series A financing round led by Pangaea Ventures Ltd. The investment aims to accelerate the commercialization of Biodel AG's innovative solutions focused on enhancing soil health, optimizing water utilization, and sequestering carbon emissions. Janelle Goulard, a partner at Pangaea Ventures, will join Biodel AG's board of directors as part of the financing deal.

Strategic Investment for a Sustainable Future

Ben Cloud, CEO of Biodel AG, emphasized that the investment from Pangaea Ventures validates the company's vision and provides the necessary resources to expedite commercial progress. Biodel AG's biological agriculture products offer a compelling and cost-effective solution for capturing substantial volumes of CO2 and other greenhouse gases, while also revitalizing depleted soils.

Addressing Environmental Challenges

Biodel AG is committed to reversing the detrimental effects of 20th-century agricultural practices on soil health. The company aims to restore soil functionality and plant vitality through cutting-edge biological products. These products promise to reduce water and fertilizer inputs, promote a sustainable food supply, and play a crucial role in capturing atmospheric carbon.

Investor Perspective

Janelle Goulard, a partner at Pangaea Ventures, highlighted the immense value of Biodel AG's regenerative agriculture solutions. She stated that the funding would enable Biodel AG to accelerate its transformative work, further solidifying the company's role in building a sustainable future.

About Biodel AG and Pangaea Ventures

Biodel AG develops biological ingredients suitable for regenerative agriculture and certified organic growers. The company also manufactures Sequester®, a liquid, non-toxic biological soil amendment designed to restore soil function and capture CO2. Pangaea Ventures is a world leader in hard tech and impact investing, focusing on solving fundamental challenges such as climate change and global food security.


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