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Revo Foods Launches SMOKEY SLICES: A New Plant-Based Salmon Alternative

Courtesy: Revo Foods

Revo Foods, an innovative Austrian company, has launched the enhanced Version 2.0 of its plant-based smoked salmon alternative, now rebranded as SMOKEY SLICES. This 100% plant-based product, based on pea protein, will be available starting May 15th, 2024, both in Revo Foods' online shop and in Austrian supermarkets.

The new SMOKEY SLICES come in two tantalizing flavors: "Smokey Style" and "Dill & Lemon Style." With a vibrant orange-red color inspired by wild salmon, these slices not only look appealing but also promise a delicious taste experience. The revamped product aims to meet the growing demand for sustainable, nutritious, and environmentally friendly food alternatives.

Enhanced Nutritional Profile

SMOKEY SLICES have been formulated with carefully selected ingredients to ensure excellent bioavailability, meaning the proteins they contain are easily digestible by the body. Key ingredients include:

Microalgae oils (DHA, EPA): Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, providing higher content than some aquacultured salmon products.

High-quality pea proteins: A sustainable and nutritious protein source.

Sea salt, fibers, and essential vitamins: Including Vitamin E, B12, and B6, which contribute to a balanced diet.

One serving of SMOKEY SLICES (100g) covers 50% of the daily vitamin E requirement, underscoring its superior nutritional benefits compared to traditional seafood.

Revo Foods is addressing critical environmental issues such as marine pollution and the ecological crisis through innovative food technologies. By offering plant-based alternatives like SMOKEY SLICES, Revo Foods helps reduce the impact on wild salmon habitats and avoids the toxin contamination associated with ocean acidification and plastic waste.

Market Availability and Legal Triumph

SMOKEY SLICES will be available in mainstream retail outlets such as Billa Plus, Interspar, Spar Gourmet, and Metro across Austria. This broad market entry follows a legal victory where Vienna City Council's lawsuit, which claimed the product's original name could mislead consumers, was dismissed. This ruling allows Revo Foods to continue promoting its plant-based innovations under clear and consumer-friendly branding.

Courtesy: Revo Foods
Courtesy: Revo Foods

Investment and Future Expansion

Revo Foods' crowd investing campaign, launched in January, has successfully raised over 80% of its €1.5 million target. The campaign remains open until June 22, 2024, providing an opportunity for more investors to support the company's vision. The funds will be used to expand production capacity for Revo Foods' 3D food printing technology, paving the way for large-scale production of their next-generation plant-based salmon fillet, "THE FILET - Inspired by Salmon," set to launch in autumn 2024.

Innovation Beyond Salmon

Revo Foods continues to push the boundaries of plant-based seafood alternatives. In March, the company announced the development of THE KRAKEN, the world’s first plant-based alternative to octopus tentacles. Made from mycoprotein using a unique 3D structuring approach, this product exemplifies Revo Foods' commitment to innovation and sustainability.

“Our mission is to create genuine alternatives that not only offer excellent taste and texture but also provide nutritional benefits while taking off the pressure on marine ecosystems,” said Nike Farag, Creative Manager of Revo Foods. “We are inspired by Mother Nature; we may not yet achieve her perfection, but we are committed to protecting her and treating her right.”

Revo Foods' launch of SMOKEY SLICES represents a significant step forward in the plant-based food industry. By combining exceptional taste, high nutritional value, and environmental sustainability, Revo Foods is setting a new standard for plant-based seafood alternatives. As they continue to innovate and expand, consumers can look forward to more exciting and sustainable options that help protect our planet and promote healthier eating habits.


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