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Stockeld Dreamery's MELT: A Breakthrough in Plant-Based Dairy?

Stockeld Dreamery MELT
Stockeld Dreamery MELT

Stockeld Dreamery, a Swedish plant-based dairy company, has recently unveiled its latest innovation in New York City: MELT, a new line of cultured plant-based cheddar slices that promises to revolutionize the dairy-free cheese market. After four years of research and development, MELT emerges as a testament to Stockeld Dreamery's commitment to solving the long-standing challenge of creating a plant-based cheese that doesn't just mimic the taste of dairy cheese but also possesses the melting qualities and texture that cheese lovers crave.

MELT is made from traditional cheese fermentation processes and protein-rich pea milk, setting it apart from other offerings in the market with its unique taste and texture. It boasts an impressive 2g of plant protein per serving and is free from common allergens such as dairy, soy, and nuts. One of MELT's standout features is its ability to melt twice as fast as most top-selling non-dairy cheese slices, a characteristic that could significantly enhance culinary experiences ranging from burgers to grilled cheese sandwiches​.

The significance of MELT extends beyond its culinary properties. In a market where health concerns increasingly drive consumer choices, MELT stands out not only for its taste but also for its nutritional profile. With an ingredient list including cultured pea milk, modified potato starch, and refined oils, MELT represents a new wave of plant-based cheeses that prioritize health and environmental sustainability. Preliminary assessments suggest that MELT's carbon footprint could align with Stockeld Dreamery's previous products, which have been shown to significantly reduce environmental impact compared to conventional dairy products​.

Stockeld Dreamery's journey to creating MELT began with an ambition to develop a superior mozzarella for pizza, a goal that eventually pivoted towards creating a versatile cheese suitable for a range of dishes. This shift was motivated by the positive feedback from burger chefs during the testing phases, highlighting the product's potential across various culinary applications. The company's efforts to industrialize the production of MELT faced challenges, especially in finding partners with the necessary fermentation, cheesemaking, and slicing capabilities. However, strong partnerships in Ohio have made production a reality, underscoring Stockeld Dreamery's commitment to innovation and quality​.

The launch of MELT is part of Stockeld Dreamery's broader mission to revolutionize the food system by providing sustainable and tasty alternatives to animal-based foods. With the plant-based dairy market continuing to grow, MELT's introduction is timely. The company's efforts are supported by significant investment, including a $20 million funding round raised to develop its products, highlighting investors' confidence in Stockeld Dreamery's vision and the potential for plant-based cheeses​.

As MELT begins its journey in New York City, with plans for nationwide distribution and retail launch in the coming months, it represents not just a new product but a new possibility for both the plant-based market and the broader food industry. Stockeld Dreamery's focus on fermentation as a key to unlocking the full potential of plant-based cheeses suggests a promising future for dairy-free alternatives that do not compromise on taste, texture, or environmental impact.


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