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French Startup Standing Ovation Secures €3 Million for Innovative Non-Animal Casein Project

Standing Ovation, a French foodtech startup specializing in the production of non-animal caseins using precision fermentation, has announced a significant financial boost. The company has secured €2 million in funding from the French State for its "CASPEX" project. This funding is part of the "Agrifood Resilience and Capacity" call for projects under the France 2030 Investment Plan, operated by Bpifrance. In addition, Standing Ovation has received a €1 million loan from the Green Invest EU Investment Loan program, also managed by Bpifrance.

Advancing Sustainable Food Solutions

Standing Ovation's focus on creating non-animal caseins represents a crucial step in the development of sustainable and ethical food alternatives. Caseins are proteins commonly found in dairy products and are essential for various food applications. By utilizing precision fermentation, Standing Ovation aims to produce these proteins without relying on animal sources, thereby reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional dairy farming.

The "CASPEX" Project: A Path to Food Resilience

The "CASPEX" project, backed by the French State's €2 million funding, is a testament to the country's commitment to innovative and sustainable food technology. This initiative aligns with the broader goals of the France 2030 Investment Plan, which seeks to bolster the nation's agrifood resilience and capacity. The project's success could pave the way for more environmentally friendly and sustainable food production methods, aligning with global trends and consumer demands for more ethical food choices.

Support from Bpifrance: A Green Investment

The additional €1 million loan from the Green Invest EU Investment Loan program underlines the environmental significance of Standing Ovation's work. This loan, designed to support green and sustainable projects, indicates the potential impact of non-animal casein production on reducing the carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly food production practices.


Standing Ovation's recent financial achievements mark a significant milestone in the field of sustainable food technology. With the combined support of the French State and Bpifrance, the company is well-positioned to advance its innovative work in non-animal casein production. This development not only showcases France's leadership in foodtech innovation but also signals a shift towards more sustainable and resilient food systems globally. As Standing Ovation progresses with its "CASPEX" project, it stands at the forefront of redefining the future of dairy and protein production.


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