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Swiss Startup Planted Gains Foothold in UK Market with Major Tesco Listing

Planted, a Swiss startup specializing in plant-based meat alternatives, has secured a significant retail presence in 350 Tesco stores across the United Kingdom. This move is noteworthy in the burgeoning but challenging plant-based food market.

The Tesco Partnership

As of the recent launch, Tesco's inventory will include three Planted products: a plant-based kebab meat, a lemon & herb flavored plant-based chicken, and a new plant-based hoisin duck alternative. The latter is particularly intriguing as it's exclusive to Tesco and is made using sunflowers, oats, and peas. All three products come in updated packaging and are available for £3 per 160g package.

Clean-Label and B Corp Certification

Planted labels its products as clean-label, implying the absence of artificial additives. Recently, the brand also achieved B Corp certification, signifying its commitment to positive social and environmental impact. The company received an "outstanding" rating for its contributions to society and the environment. Prior to the Tesco deal, Planted had secured its first UK retail listing at Planet Organic, soon followed by partnerships with Holland & Barrett and Morrisons. Their products were even featured in the butchery section of Morrisons, signaling an interesting shift in consumer habits. Recently, Planted entered into a collaboration with the vegan and carbon-neutral football club Forest Green Rovers and won the Award for Pioneering Achievements at the Swiss Vegan Awards.

Financial Backing and Market Context

Last year, Planted raised £61m in funding to expand its biostructured meat range. This financial boost comes at a time when the plant-based market has seen a decline, notably with companies like Meatless Farm facing financial difficulties. Planted's Vice President of Commercial for Europe, Rob Reames, said the Tesco launch represents a significant milestone for the company, particularly given it coincides with the debut of their hoisin duck product, created in response to high consumer demand. The inclusion of Planted’s products in Tesco’s lineup marks a pivotal moment for the startup and offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of plant-based meats in the UK. With previous retail listings, collaborations, and a B Corp certification, Planted is making strides in a market that is simultaneously growing and facing challenges.


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