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Una Health Secures Seed Investment from PeakBridge to Transform Type 2 Diabetes Care

In a big move for the healthcare sector, Una Health, a Berlin-based innovator in metabolic dysfunction management, has received a seed investment from PeakBridge, a venture capital firm known for supporting transformative food and agri-tech businesses. This investment aims to bolster Una Health's mission of revolutionizing care for type 2 diabetes, a condition that is part of the broader challenge of metabolic dysfunction affecting over 3 billion people globally. These conditions significantly increase the risk of severe health issues, such as heart disease and stroke, while being largely preventable.

Technological and Holistic Approach

Una Health was founded by Pascal Grimm, Dominic Steele, and Dr. Matthew Fenech, who collectively bring a fresh and ambitious approach to tackling global health issues. Their solution is a personalized digital therapy program that integrates AI and advanced biosensor technology with nutrition and holistic lifestyle guidance. This innovative approach makes managing diabetes more accessible and easier to incorporate into daily life, addressing the condition's challenges head-on.

The founders, with their diverse backgrounds and expertise, aim to empower individuals with type 2 diabetes by providing them with tools and knowledge to manage their health effectively. Una Health's program stands out for its comprehensive approach, combining cutting-edge technology with essential lifestyle modifications to combat metabolic dysfunction effectively.

A Milestone for Digital Healthcare

A significant acknowledgment of Una Health's potential and innovation is its recent recognition by the German healthcare system. It has become the first nutrition-focused digital therapeutic for Type 2 Diabetes to be fully reimbursed, a milestone achievement that highlights the importance of personalized nutrition in healthcare. This accomplishment is a major step forward in integrating innovative health solutions into mainstream healthcare systems and underscores the crucial role of digital therapeutics in modern healthcare.

PeakBridge's investment in Una Health signifies a strong belief in the company's vision and its approach to addressing the global challenge of metabolic dysfunction. As part of the PeakBridge portfolio, Una Health gains not only financial backing but also strategic support to scale its impact and advance its mission of transforming diabetes care.


The partnership between Una Health and PeakBridge marks a pivotal moment in the fight against metabolic dysfunction and type 2 diabetes. By focusing on personalized digital therapies, Una Health is set to lead a significant shift in how diabetes and other metabolic dysfunctions are managed. This investment underscores the growing recognition of the importance of innovative solutions in healthcare and the potential of digital therapeutics to improve lives globally. As Una Health progresses, the healthcare community eagerly anticipates the broader implications of its success for personalized nutrition and global healthcare reform.


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