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FLORA Ventures: Cultivating Innovation in Agrifood Tech Startups with New $80M Fund

New agrifood tech Fund FLORA Ventures, announced its launch with an impressive $80 million fund. With a clear vision to support early-stage food and agriculture technology startups in Israel and Europe, this new fund is poised to make a significant impact on the industry. Led by seasoned professionals Gil Horsky and Esther Barak-Landes, FLORA Ventures is set to revolutionize the way startups in the sector are nurtured and brought to market.

Gil Horsky, former executive and corporate venture investor at Mondelez International, and Esther Barak-Landes, a venture capital investor and co-founder of Nielsen's incubator and investment arm, make up the dynamic duo behind this visionary initiative. Drawing on their extensive expertise and experience, they successfully secured the necessary funding within just four months, thanks in part to strategic partnerships with key players in the industry.

One such strategic partner is Sadot Kibbutzim, an Israeli agricultural co-operative that plays a crucial role in supporting the fund's portfolio companies. Through this collaboration, the startups gain access to invaluable resources like land, production capabilities, and specialized expertise, thereby strengthening their foundation for growth and success.

FLORA Ventures also boasts the support of other notable investors, including several family offices, Haifa Group, a leading company specializing in plant nutrition and special fertilizers, and Harel Group, Israel's largest insurance and finance group. With such strong backing, the fund is well-equipped to propel innovative startups to new heights within the food and agriculture technology sector.

The fund's areas of focus are closely aligned with pressing global concerns. With food security, digitization, sustainable agriculture, and food as medicine as its core pillars, FLORA Ventures aims to address critical challenges facing the industry today. By supporting startups working on innovative solutions in these areas, the fund aims to create a positive and lasting impact on the future of food production and consumption.

Among its notable early investments is Arrakis Bio, an Israeli startup operating in stealth mode. Arrakis Bio is pioneering technology to produce and utilize human collagen and gelatin, offering potential breakthroughs in various industries and medical applications. This investment showcases FLORA Ventures' commitment to supporting cutting-edge ideas and technologies that have the potential to disrupt the status quo positively.

The power of FLORA Ventures lies not only in its financial support but also in the wealth of experience and connections brought to the table by its co-founders. Esther Barak-Landes' impressive track record includes leading venture capital deals in retail technology, finance technology, and digital transformation sectors. On the other hand, Gil Horsky's background in being part of SnackFutures, the venture and innovation hub at Mondelez International, and his prior roles in PepsiCo and Kraft Foods, give him a unique perspective on the industry's intricacies.

One key aspect that sets FLORA Ventures apart is its emphasis on design partnerships early in the startup journey. This approach stems from Mr. Horsky's firsthand experience in working with leading food multinationals and co-founding a successful corporate venture capital and incubation initiative at Mondelez. By providing startups with proprietary access to innovative and agile design partners like Haifa Group, Sadot Kibbutzim, and Harel Group, FLORA Ventures equips its portfolio companies with a competitive advantage that can prove to be a game-changer in the industry.

In conclusion, FLORA Ventures has taken a bold step towards shaping the future of the food and agriculture technology sector. With an $80 million fund and the expertise of its co-founders, this investment firm is on a mission to nurture innovative startups and create lasting positive impacts on global food production and consumption. By focusing on critical areas such as food security, digitization, sustainable agriculture, and food as medicine, FLORA Ventures is sowing the seeds of change in the industry, inspiring a new generation of visionary entrepreneurs to cultivate a brighter, more sustainable future.


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