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Oobli and Grupo Bimbo: A Partnership to Integrate Sweet Proteins in Baked Goods

Courtesy Oobli
Courtesy Oobli

In a notable development for the food industry, Oobli, the cutting-edge global sweet protein brand known for its healthy sugar alternatives, has partnered with bakery leader Grupo Bimbo. This formal agreement marks the first time Grupo Bimbo will test sweet proteins in a variety of baked goods, revolutionizing how sweetness is incorporated into their core product categories.

The Innovation of Sweet Proteins

Sweet proteins are plant-derived proteins that can taste up to 5,000 times sweeter than sugar while replacing 70-90% of sugar in most food and beverage products. These proteins are naturally found in fruits and berries growing near the equator and offer a gut- and blood-sugar-friendly alternative to traditional sugar and other sugar substitutes. Unlike many artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols, sweet proteins are metabolized like any other dietary protein, making them a healthier option for consumers.

The potential of sweet proteins extends far beyond their intense sweetness. One of the most significant benefits is their minimal impact on blood sugar levels, which is a crucial advantage for individuals managing diabetes or those looking to reduce their sugar intake without sacrificing taste. Additionally, sweet proteins are easier on the gut compared to some sugar alternatives, which can cause digestive discomfort.

Sustainable Production through Precision Fermentation

Oobli utilizes precision fermentation to produce sweet proteins. This process involves brewing the proteins in a manner similar to how beer or cheese is made, rather than growing them through traditional agricultural methods. This innovative production method significantly reduces the environmental footprint of sweet protein production. For every one percent reduction in sugar production achieved through the use of fermented sweet proteins, 525,000 net acres of land can be saved. This makes sweet proteins a long-term, climate-friendly alternative to cane sugar.

Grupo Bimbo: A Leader in the Baking Industry

Grupo Bimbo, established in 1945, has grown into the largest bakery in the world, known for its extensive range of baked goods that span across breads, pastries, cookies, and more. The company has a strong presence in over 33 countries, catering to millions of consumers daily. Grupo Bimbo's commitment to innovation and sustainability has positioned it as a leader in the food industry, constantly seeking new ways to improve its products and reduce its environmental impact.

Integration of Sweet Proteins into Baked Goods

The partnership between Oobli and Grupo Bimbo aims to integrate sweet proteins into a variety of baked goods. This integration will be tested across several categories that are central to Bimbo's brand portfolio. By replacing a significant portion of cane sugar with sweet proteins, Grupo Bimbo can produce healthier baked goods without compromising on taste or texture.

Constantino Matouk, VP Global Bimbo Ventures at Grupo Bimbo, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration:

"We're thrilled to bring the groundbreaking innovation of Oobli sweet proteins to market in our delicious baked goods. Oobli sweet proteins are a perfect fit for the countless consumers who are actively looking to include more proteins in their diet."

The Impact on the Market and Consumers

This partnership is poised to have a significant impact on the market and consumers alike. As awareness of the health risks associated with high sugar consumption continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for healthier alternatives. Sweet proteins offer a solution that aligns with this demand, providing the sweetness consumers crave without the negative health effects associated with traditional sugars.

Consumer Health and Dietary Preferences

Many consumers are actively seeking ways to reduce their sugar intake due to health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Sweet proteins can cater to this demographic by offering a sweetening option that does not spike blood sugar levels. Additionally, with a rising interest in protein-rich diets, incorporating sweet proteins into baked goods can meet the dietary preferences of those looking to increase their protein consumption.

Preserving Flavor Profiles

One of the critical aspects of this partnership is maintaining the flavor profiles that consumers expect from Grupo Bimbo's products. Ali Wing, CEO of Oobli, emphasized this point:

"Sweet proteins have the potential to revolutionize sweetness and are a completely new way to think about how we can use protein to rehabilitate foods to create healthy sweetness. Grupo Bimbo and Oobli are committed to bringing the innovation of sweet proteins to Grupo Bimbo's industry-leading baked goods without impacting existing flavor profiles."

Oobli's Innovations and Market Presence

Oobli has already made significant strides in introducing sweet proteins to the market. In 2023, the company launched Oobli Sweet Iced Teas, the world's first and only drink to offer low-sugar content without artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, sugar alcohols like erythritol, or even Stevia. This innovative product line demonstrated the feasibility and consumer acceptance of sweet proteins in beverages.

Building on the success of its iced teas, Oobli also introduced a new line of chocolates made with sweet proteins. This move not only expanded Oobli's product range but also showcased the versatility of sweet proteins in different food categories. The chocolates received positive feedback for their taste and health benefits, further solidifying Oobli's position as a leader in the sweet protein market.

The Strategic Importance of the Partnership

The partnership between Oobli and Grupo Bimbo represents a strategic alignment of two industry leaders. For Oobli, the collaboration provides an opportunity to scale the production and use of sweet proteins, bringing their benefits to a broader audience. For Grupo Bimbo, integrating sweet proteins into their products aligns with their commitment to innovation and sustainability while addressing consumer demands for healthier options.

This partnership is a significant step towards a more sustainable food system. By reducing reliance on traditional cane sugar, which has a substantial environmental impact, the collaboration supports more sustainable agricultural practices. The use of precision fermentation to produce sweet proteins further enhances this sustainability by minimizing land use and resource consumption.

As consumers become more health-conscious and environmentally aware, their expectations for food products are evolving. They seek products that not only taste good but are also beneficial for their health and have a minimal environmental footprint. The integration of sweet proteins into Grupo Bimbo's baked goods directly addresses these expectations, offering a sweetening solution that is both health-friendly and sustainable.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Sweet Proteins

The partnership between Oobli and Grupo Bimbo is likely to spur further innovations in the use of sweet proteins across the food industry. As the benefits of sweet proteins become more widely recognized, other food manufacturers may explore their potential, leading to broader adoption and new applications.

Potential for Broader Industry Adoption

The successful integration of sweet proteins in Grupo Bimbo's products could serve as a model for other companies. As more data and consumer feedback become available, the food industry may see an increase in the use of sweet proteins as a preferred alternative to traditional sugar. This could lead to a significant shift in how sweetness is incorporated into various food products, from snacks to beverages and beyond.

Both Oobli and Grupo Bimbo are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. As they gather more insights from this partnership, they will likely explore additional ways to enhance their products and processes. This commitment to innovation ensures that the benefits of sweet proteins will continue to evolve, offering even greater advantages to consumers and the environment.

The partnership between Oobli and Grupo Bimbo represents a significant milestone in the food industry. By integrating sweet proteins into baked goods, they are setting a new standard for health-friendly and sustainable sweetening solutions. This collaboration not only benefits consumers looking for healthier options but also supports a more sustainable food system.

As Oobli and Grupo Bimbo move forward with this initiative, they are paving the way for broader industry adoption of sweet proteins. This partnership exemplifies how innovation and strategic collaboration can drive positive change in the food industry, meeting consumer demands while promoting sustainability. The future of sweetness is here, and it is healthier, more sustainable, and just as delicious.


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