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AQUA Cultured Foods and Ginkgo Bioworks Forge a Path to the Future of Alt-Seafood

Courtesy of Aqua Cultured Foods - AQUA scallop Photography by Adahlia Cole
Courtesy of Aqua Cultured Foods - AQUA scallop Photography by Adahlia Cole

In a landmark move for the food tech industry, AQUA Cultured Foods, an innovator in alternative seafood production through microbial fermentation, has partnered with Ginkgo Bioworks, a leader in cell programming and biosecurity. This collaboration signals a significant leap forward in the quest to create sustainable, fish-free seafood alternatives that don't compromise on the sensory experience of eating seafood.

Revolutionizing Seafood with Microbial Fermentation

AQUA Cultured Foods is at the forefront of the alternative seafood sector, crafting products that rival traditional seafood's texture, taste, and appearance. The company's debut products, including alternatives to tuna and scallops, highlight the potential of microbial fermentation to produce seafood substitutes that are not only sustainable but also accessible to a broad consumer base, including those with dietary restrictions.

Powered by a patent-pending fermentation process, AQUA's products are a testament to the viability of microbes as a source of sustainable protein. These innovations come at a critical time as concerns over contaminants, environmental damage, and the sustainability of traditional seafood sources grow.

Ginkgo Bioworks: Elevating Alt-Seafood Production

Ginkgo Bioworks brings to the partnership its expertise in microbial characterization and analytics. The collaboration aims to fine-tune AQUA's proprietary strains and processes, enhancing the quality and scalability of alt-seafood production. This partnership represents a fusion of AQUA's visionary approach to seafood alternatives and Ginkgo's trailblazing work in cell programming.

Addressing Environmental and Health Concerns

The alternative seafood market is not just about offering new dietary choices; it responds to the pressing health and environmental issues linked to traditional seafood consumption. From the risks of consuming contaminated wild-caught and farmed fish to the ecological damage wrought by fishing and fish farming practices, the need for change is undeniable. AQUA Cultured Foods, through its innovative products, offers a promising solution to these challenges, providing the experience of seafood without the associated risks.

A Vision for the Future

Both AQUA Cultured Foods and Ginkgo Bioworks view this partnership as a stepping stone towards a sustainable future for the food industry. With plans to expand beyond seafood alternatives to explore unique flavors and textures, the potential applications of their combined technologies are vast.

The Ferment Conference: Showcasing Innovation

Highlighting the significance of this collaboration, AQUA Cultured Foods will participate in Ginkgo's annual Ferment conference, offering attendees a firsthand look at their pioneering seafood alternatives. This event promises to showcase the latest advancements in food technology and a glimpse into the future of food sustainability.


The partnership between AQUA Cultured Foods and Ginkgo Bioworks marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the alternative seafood industry. By harnessing the power of microbial fermentation and cell programming, they are setting the stage for a future where sustainable, plant-based seafood alternatives are not just a niche market, but a mainstream choice. As the world grapples with traditional seafood's environmental and health impacts, innovations like those from AQUA and Ginkgo offer a beacon of hope for a more sustainable, healthier food system.


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