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Get a Taste of the Future with Mellody: MeliBio's Bee-Free Honey Product

Mellody, the "world's first" plant-based honey brand that tastes exactly like bee-sourced honey, has been launched by honey innovator MeliBio. As an alternative to bee-made honey, Mellody is claimed to perform as well as improve the planet's health while performing just as well.

Among other ingredients, the new product contains fructose, glucose, and plant extracts such as sumac, fava d'anta, Indian trumpet flower, green coffee bean, chamomile, and seaberry.

Initially, Mellody will be available in food service accounts, such as Baia in San Francisco, Little Choc Apothecary in New York City, and Motel Fried Chicken in Philadelphia.

After being named in TIME's Best Inventions list in 2021, Melibio collaborated with three-Michelin-star Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York City for a special menu on World Bee Day and partnered with Narayan Foods, a leading organic food company, to launch plant-based honey in 75,000 European stores.

The global market may be continuing to grow, yet the reality is that bees are integral to biodiversity which we all rely on for survival. In fact, pollinators make a direct contribution to food security; bee specialists at the FAO estimate that a third of global food production depends on bee activity. Unfortunately, our species' activities have caused bee populations around the world to dwindle in recent decades - largely due to habitat loss, extensive farming methods, unpredictable weather patterns and an overuse of harmful agrochemicals like pesticides. This has a major effect on several plants vital for human wellbeing and livelihoods. As such, MeliBio's mission has been set: to achieve balance between nature and society by creating plant-based honey that deals with both existing problems in the honey industry and natural ecosystems.

To date, MeliBio has raised $9.4M in funding.


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