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Imagindairy Receives FDA Approval to Enter US Market with Animal-Free Milk Proteins

Imagindairy, an Israeli foodtech startup, has recently marked a significant achievement in the alternative dairy industry. The company received a "No Questions Letter" from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), signifying the approval of its animal-free milk proteins for use in the American market. This development paves the way for the introduction of a wide range of sustainable dairy products, including milk, cream cheese, ice cream, and yogurt, without the environmental impact associated with traditional dairy farming.

A Blend of Science and Sustainability

Founded in 2020 by Dr. Eyal Afergan, Dr. Arie Abo, and Prof. Tamir Tuller, Imagindairy has combined expertise in evolutionary genomics and molecular biology to develop animal-free dairy milk proteins. The company's proprietary platform significantly amplifies protein expression, enabling the cost-effective production of these proteins. This approach addresses one of the major hurdles in the alternative dairy sector: making such products affordable for mass-market adoption.

The FDA's Green Light

The FDA's approval is a landmark achievement for Imagindairy, the foodtech industry, and the environment. It allows the company to forge partnerships with major food brands and manufacturers, facilitating the introduction of beloved dairy products without the need for cows. This milestone is particularly significant in light of the global demand for sustainable and innovative food production methods

Financial Backing and Future Prospects

Imagindairy's progress has been bolstered by substantial financial support, with over $30 million raised to date. This funding, sourced from a variety of investors including Target Global, Strauss Group, Emerald Technology Ventures, Green Circle Foodtech Ventures, Collaborative Fund, New Climate Ventures, and FoodSparks by PeakBridge, has been crucial for the company's research and development. It has enabled Imagindairy to reach significant milestones, including the recent FDA approval, and will continue to support its commercialization efforts and expansion in the U.S. market.

Environmental Impact and Industry Transformation

The development of alternatives for animal-based products like those of Imagindairy is part of the worldwide campaign against climate change. The traditional dairy industry, with its significant energy and resource requirements, has been a major contributor to global warming and pollution. The company's animal-free dairy protein is made through precision fermentation, a process that programs microorganisms to produce complex organic molecules. This process is complemented by Imagindairy's proprietary AI platform, which integrates computational and molecular biology technologies for mass-scale production.

The new headquarters near Haifa, Israel, with state-of-the-art research and development labs, is set to support the company's anticipated partnerships with food and beverage manufacturers. This facility will be instrumental in scaling up the production of its protein to meet market demands and offer a sustainable and ethical alternative, crucial for the future of food production.


Imagindairy's achievement in securing FDA approval for its animal-free dairy proteins is a testament to the potential of foodtech innovations in transforming the food industry. It underscores the viability of sustainable and ethical alternatives to traditional dairy products, paving the way for a more environmentally friendly future in food production


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