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The Green Coffee Company Closes a $25 Million Series C Equity Funding Round

The Green Coffee Company (GCC), a Legacy Group portfolio company and Colombia's largest coffee producer, closed its $25 million Series C equity financing today.

More than 450 accredited and high-net-worth individuals have invested over $60 million in the company to date, most of whom are from the United States. Legacy Group's emerging market opportunities are experiencing an increasing trend of direct investments from 'mass affluent' or high-net-worth individuals.

"The Green Coffee Company is offering unprecedented access to investment in one of the world's most timeless and in-demand commodities: Coffee. We're the only operator at-scale giving accredited international investors this opportunity," said Cole Shephard, founder of GCC and partner at Legacy Group. "The $25 million Series C equity raise is a testament to the credibility we have in the market. With our ever-expanding investor base, this raise brings our total equity funding to-date to over $60 million. In a market like Colombia, the impact we can have with this capital is market-defining and will be globally disruptive to how we drink coffee."

As a result of the funding round, the company will expand its Colombian farming operations, becoming the world's largest producer of arabica coffee, accelerating its U.S.-based roasting operations and launching liquors and spirits derived from coffee cherries and other coffee 'waste'. As part of its expansion plans, the company is seeking $65 million in institutional debt capital to complement its equity raise.

Kevan Zipin, an investor since 2018, said of the company, "Being a part of this raise is phenomenal. What Cole, Adam, and the whole team are bringing to the world of coffee is incredibly compelling and unique. With their constant communication and insight, every new step has me feeling like I am a part of the developmental process."

Founded in 2017, GCC has grown to own more than 9,000 acres and 11,500,000 coffee trees, making it more than twice as large as any other coffee producer in the country. GCC is considering a U.S. IPO exit in 2026 after aiming to become the world's largest producer of arabica coffee in the next two years.


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