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Beyond Meat® Introduces Beyond IV: A Leap in Plant-Based Meat Innovation

Courtesy of Beyond Meat - feat. the new Beyond Burger
Courtesy of Beyond Meat - feat. the new Beyond Burger


Beyond Meat, a pioneer in the plant-based meat industry, revealed its latest achievement: the Beyond IV platform. This fourth generation of the Beyond Burger® and Beyond Beef® marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards redefining the plant-based meat experience. With substantial improvements in taste, health, and ingredient transparency, Beyond Meat sets a new standard for what consumers can expect from them.

A Culinary and Nutritional Breakthrough

The Beyond IV platform embodies Beyond Meat's relentless pursuit of flavor parity, with the new Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef being heralded as the company's meatiest and juiciest products to date. A key innovation in this iteration is the use of avocado oil, which enhances the flavor profile and incorporates heart-healthy monounsaturated fats into the mix. Each serving boasts an impressive 21g of protein sourced from peas, brown rice, red lentils, and faba beans, alongside a remarkable reduction in saturated fat to just 2g.

This nutritional enhancement was achieved through a multi-year research initiative collaborating with leading medical and nutrition experts. The aim was clear: to create plant-based meat products that align with top health organizations' stringent standards without compromising taste or texture.

Commitment to Health and Clean Label

The Beyond IV products represent a leap towards a cleaner, more transparent ingredient list, reducing sodium by 20% and prioritizing nutrient-dense, plant-based components. Such advancements have earned these products recognition from several prestigious health organizations. Notably, they have been included in the American Diabetes Association's Better Choices for Life program, certified by the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check program, and awarded the Good Housekeeping Nutritionist Approved Emblem.

Furthermore, they are the first plant-based meat products to receive Clean Label Project Certification.

Ethan Brown, Founder & CEO of Beyond Meat, emphasized the transformative nature of Beyond IV, stating, "This development...was designed to meet the standards of national health organizations to create a product that delivers the taste, satisfaction, and utility of 80/20 beef – yet is demonstrably healthier."

Consumer and Expert Approval

The new Beyond Burger has already garnered positive feedback from the health community and consumers alike. At a conference attended by registered dietitians, an overwhelming 94% of participants expressed their enjoyment of the burger's taste and acknowledged its health benefits. The inclusion of avocado oil not only contributes to a better nutritional profile but also enhances the culinary experience, allowing for a higher smoke point that is ideal for grilling and barbecuing.

Expanding the Portfolio

The launch of Beyond IV is part of Beyond Meat's broader initiative to offer a diverse range of nutritious and delicious plant-based meat alternatives. This includes the successful Beyond Steak®, a top-selling new item in retail, and ongoing collaborations with institutions like Stanford University School of Medicine and the American Cancer Society to further research into the benefits of plant-based diets.

Strategic Shift Towards Health: A Turnaround from 2023's Challenges

The shift towards a health-forward approach with the Beyond IV platform is seen as a strategic move by Beyond Meat in response to the challenges faced in 2023, including disappointing earnings and subsequent layoffs. By focusing on their products' nutritional benefits and clean label aspects, Beyond Meat is not just innovating for the sake of taste but also aligning with the growing consumer demand for healthier eating options. This emphasis on health could be crucial in rejuvenating the brand's appeal and market performance. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that support their lifestyle choices, including those beneficial to their health and the environment. Beyond Meat's pivot to integrating heart-healthy ingredients, reducing saturated fats, and having lower sodium content positions the company to capture a larger segment of health-conscious consumers. This strategy, combined with its efforts to maintain the sensory experience of eating traditional beef, could help Beyond Meat turn the tide on its financial performance by attracting a broader customer base and driving sales growth. In the competitive plant-based meat sector, this health-centric innovation could be the differentiator that not only recovers Beyond Meat from its 2023 downturn but also propels it ahead of competitors.

Looking Ahead

The new Beyond Burger and Beyond Beef are set to hit retailers across the U.S. exclusively this spring. In anticipation, Beyond Meat has released a documentary-style short film that explores the potential of plant-based nutrition to revolutionize our food system and improve both human health and environmental sustainability.


Beyond Meat's Beyond IV platform is more than just a product launch; it's a statement of intent. By pushing the boundaries of what plant-based meat can be, Beyond Meat continues to challenge the status quo, offering consumers healthier, sustainable, and incredibly tasty alternatives to traditional meat. As these new products roll out, they promise to change the landscape of plant-based eating, one delicious bite at a time.


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