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Raging Pig Company and Vincent Vegan Unite to Revolutionize Plant-Based Bacon in Germany

Courtesy of The Raging Pig - Vincent Vegan
Courtesy of The Raging Pig - Vincent Vegan

The Raging Pig Company, a Hamburg-based food tech startup, has teamed up with Vincent Vegan, Germany's premier plant-based burger chain, to launch an innovative plant-based bacon product across the nation. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the quest to offer sustainable and cruelty-free food options to the German market and, potentially, the global stage.

Innovative Approach to Plant-Based Bacon

Founded in 2021, The Raging Pig Company has rapidly distinguished itself within the food technology sector by tackling one of the vegan cuisine's most persistent challenges: creating plant-based bacon that retains its crispiness. Leveraging a proprietary production process, the startup has developed "Raging Bacon," a product that not only mimics the taste and texture of traditional bacon but does so by utilizing side streams from the food industry. This not only contributes to reducing food waste but also provides an eco-friendly alternative that boasts an intense bacon flavor, appealing aesthetics, and versatile culinary applications.

Mission-Driven Partnership

The collaboration with Vincent Vegan is not just a business venture but a mission-driven effort to provide a meaningful alternative to pork products. The Raging Pig Company's ambitious goal is to replace 1.5 billion pigs from the global food system, a statement that underscores the startup's commitment to environmental sustainability and animal welfare. Beyond plant-based bacon, the company also offers a German sausage alternative, further diversifying the range of vegan options available to consumers.

Industry Trends and the Vegan Movement

The partnership between The Raging Pig Company and Vincent Vegan comes at a time when the plant-based food sector is witnessing significant growth and transformation, both in Europe and globally. Companies like La Vie in France have also made headlines for their innovative plant-based products, highlighting a widespread shift towards sustainable and ethical food choices. This movement is further supported by a growing number of legislative actions, investments, and consumer demand that favors plant-based alternatives over traditional animal products.

A Long-Awaited Solution

The development of Raging Bacon was a meticulous process, spanning two years and involving extensive testing and feedback from local restaurant partners in Hamburg. This dedication to quality and authenticity has paid off, as evidenced by the positive reception from both consumers and culinary professionals alike. Vincent Vegan's co-founder, Topi Rohde, praised the plant-based bacon for its bold taste and unique crispiness, attributes that have long been sought after in vegan alternatives to bacon.

Dr. Arne Ewerbeck, co-founder of The Raging Pig Company, echoed this sentiment, expressing optimism about the potential for their technology to pave the way for more plant-based products in the future. With over 100,000 slices of Raging Bacon already sold through initial partners, the companies are poised to address the growing European demand for sustainable, delicious, and ethically produced food options.

Looking to the Future

As the partnership between The Raging Pig Company and Vincent Vegan takes off, the focus is on fulfilling the immediate demand for plant-based bacon and exploring further opportunities to expand their product line. With plans to distribute Raging Bacon through various food service partners in Q2 2023, the collaboration represents a pivotal step towards a more sustainable, animal-friendly food system. This endeavor not only highlights the innovative spirit of the involved companies but also reflects the changing landscape of the food industry, where sustainability and ethics increasingly drive consumer choices and business strategies alike.


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