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Unleashing the Future of Chocolate: Fazer Launches Air Protein Solein Limited-Edition Bar

The limited-edition Fazer Taste the Future snack bar,
The limited-edition Fazer Taste the Future snack bar,

Solein®'s Retail Debut in Singapore with Fazer's Snack Bar

Solein®, a groundbreaking protein developed by Finnish company Solar Foods, is extending its reach in Singapore's innovative food ecosystem. In collaboration with Helsinki-based food giant Fazer Group, a limited-edition snack bar powered by Solein has been introduced. The bar, named "Taste the Future," is a vegan, iron- and fibre-rich chocolate snack bar available at select The Cocoa Trees stores across Singapore. This marks Solein's entry into the retail market 16 months after receiving regulatory approval in Singapore.

Fazer Group's Role and Solar Foods' Ambitions

Fazer Group, Solar Foods’ biggest shareholder with €1.1B in revenue in 2022, played a crucial role in this launch. Fazer Lab in Vantaa, Finland, produced the snack bar, emphasizing sustainable and responsible sourcing, including "100% responsibly sourced cocoa." This collaboration is in line with Fazer’s emission reduction goals and commitment to sustainable sourcing.

Solar Foods' CEO Pasi Vainikka views this launch as a vital step in testing Solein's market viability and gauging consumer acceptance of future ingredients. The company targets a wider-scale European launch in 2025-26, with a range of products demonstrating Solein's versatility.

The Innovation Behind Solein®

Solein is produced by fermenting microbes with carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and oxygen, making it a highly sustainable protein source. This process forgoes the need for open land, fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation, enabling production even in extreme environments like deserts or space. Solein's strong nutritional profile, similar to dried soy or algae, includes essential nutrients like iron and B vitamins.

Courtesy of Frazer
Courtesy of Frazer

Funding and Development of Solein®

Solar Foods has garnered significant funding, including €8M in Series B funding, bringing the total investment to over €43M in equity, with an additional €30M in debt funding. This financial support is crucial for the construction of Factory 01, Solar Foods' first commercial-scale production facility. Factory 01, slated to be operational in the first half of 2024, will significantly scale Solein production.

Global Impact and Future Prospects

The potential of Solein has been acknowledged globally, with Solar Foods planning to expand its network of production facilities. The company's innovation offers a sustainable and efficient solution to current environmental challenges in the food industry, paving the way for a new era of sustainable food production.

Conclusion: A Sustainable Food Revolution

The introduction of Solein® in Singapore retail stores, spearheaded by Fazer Group and Solar Foods, represents a significant milestone in the global food industry. It not only showcases the potential of sustainable and innovative food solutions but also sets the stage for a broader adoption of such technologies. As Solar Foods prepares for a wider European launch, Solein® stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing our food systems for a sustainable future.


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